Homecoming Montage

Farwell High Schools 2023 Homecoming was a smashing success!

This week highlights the fact that Farwell Schools are an outstanding place to call home. The Community support, leadership from adults, the spirit and pride of the student body, the work ethic of the student athletes and their coaches, the outstanding music from the musicians in the band and the way everyone supports each other! Homecoming is one of the longest short weeks of the year where we take a moment or fifty to simply commune with each other, build our spirits and bond! Thanks to ALL who made the week a success for all!

So many fun activities were held for everyone to partake in - from the Spirit week at all three schools, to the parade in the hallways, and the first HS school assembly of the school year. There were some fierce competitions held like a tug-of-war, the largest Tic-Tac-Toe ever and an upbeat game of musical chairs that ensued with much laughter! Of course this was a moment for the Homecoming Court to shine and be introduced to the thunderous applause of family, staff, students and friends!

Follow all of that with the traditional Homecoming Parade lead by the Marching Band, 8th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band and many Alumni Band Members as well! The Homecoming Court had their float and gold carts they rode in. They even had a golf cart for Mr. and Mrs. Gorman - this years Grand Marshals! The sports teams were out in full force as well - The Football teams looking ready as ever to take on the evenings football game - The Cross Country Team - All the Volleyball Teams - The Cheer Squad - Even the Teachers got in their and had their fun as well!

Of course what would ANY Homecoming be like without Eddie the Eagle!

The evenings football game was played to a packed stadium filled with family and friends! At Half-Time the Homecoming Court was introduced and Dylan Woodman was crowned Homecoming King and Madison Forfinksi was crowned Homecoming Queen! Congratulations to ALL who were selected to be on court this year! We love you all!

What a great community - it was so amazing to see all the Alumni return to cheer on the football team, play with the band and to just visit with friends!