Preschool Graduation, Class of 2023. students in caps and gowns, posing with diplomas and awards
End of Year Picnic - Families talking and eating
3rd Grade Hartwick Pines Field Trip
Senior Award Recipients
students on Mackinaw Island
Order yearbooks now
Stay in the Know - phone calls, notifications, Facebook/website, 9&10 News
Cross Country Stars
School Bus Safety Week: bus drivers posting in front of bus, qr code
Custodians pose in front of trophy cases. National Custodian appreciation day
Ms. Dorothy Boge and flower background
Pumpkin Background October Website Scavenger Hunt
Yearbook Sales are open
Mrs. Shear!!
Deputy Olson and Eagle
Cross Country Team wins trophy
Eagle App on Phone
person eating vegetable food service survey
kids in a line
teachers in costumes