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Welcome Back To School!

We wanted to put out a quick reminder on how to stay in the know about all things Farwell Schools  important notifications. It's our recommendation for you to use at least 2 of the following methods in order to stay connected. While we love technology, it doesn't always work the way we want it to, so keeping connected in multiple ways gives you better odds of not missing an important announcement. Currently, we have 5 ways that you can get notified.  

1) Make sure your contact information is updated with your building secretaries! A correct phone number is crucial if you would like to receive all-calls notifying you of school closings or event notifications.

2) Download the Farwell Schools app and enable push notifications. We do our best to keep the notifications to a minimum, so we won't be blowing up your phone. Notifications are a great way to get the information right to your hand without extra searching should an all-call not go through for some reason.

Download Farwell Schools App on Apple Store

Download Farwell Schools App on Google Play Store

3) Make sure you are following the Farwell Schools Facebook page! We post all sorts of information here!

4) Check the Farwell School website. If you think you're missing out on information, our school website has everything you will need to know. 

5) 9&10 News will always post our school closings and delays when they are due to weather.