Progress at our school photos, on brown background with pine branch graphics, all pictures put into polaroid frames with handwritten captions - picture 1: falcon sitting on branch captioned "Rare Falcon - Merlin", picture 2: Two workers pictured at forest standing in front of truck loaded with cut pine logs captioned "Hard at work!",  Picture 3 - Photo of cut logs laying on the ground in front of forest captioned "Cutting progress", Picture 4 - Picture of reduced forest captioned "Progress at Clarabella", Picture 5 - Picture of a new dirt parking lot with machines and logs on ground captioned "Parking lot/turnaround"

If you've been keeping up on the process of developing our school forest, you know that the foresters are chugging along. The process has been incredible, and we wanted to share some pictures with you! Our foresters also discovered that we have a rare Merlin Falcon living in our forest, and apparently he makes quite a ruckus! Make sure to respect the falcons space if you find yourself near it.