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    District Mission Statement:
    Together with family and community,
    Farwell Area Schools will educate all students in a supportive environment,
    engaging them in learning through a variety of challenging experiences
    to ensure success in an ever-changing world.

      Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessionals needed!
    For additional information, visit WillSub's website at: www.willsub.com


    The following requirements will be in effect for the November 2019 reporting period:

    Required for all children entering kindergarten, all 7th grade students, and all children changing school districts:Two doses of varicella (Var) vaccine or history of chickenpox disease. Required for all children 11-18 years of age who are changing school districts or who are enrolled in 7th grade: One dose of meningococcal (MCV4 or MPSV4) vaccine, one dose of tetanus/diphtheria/acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine (if 5 years have passed since last dose of tetanus/diphtheria vaccine - DTaP, Td or DT).

    There are many resources available to you at www.MCIR.org or call the Region 5 MCIR Help Desk at 1-888-217-3904 or the State MCIR Help Desk at 888-243-6652. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to also call your local health department.

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  • Farwell Schools Administration Office Hours Currently 8-4 M-F

    Wi-Fi Access

    The Farwell Area Schools has wi-fi access available from the parking lots  Please practice appropriate social distancing while using it.

    Access to Lockers 

    We have been getting MANY questions about people coming in to clean out lockers and/or classrooms. Right now, that's simply not safe. HOWEVER, if you have medicine or inhalers in the school offices, or have books and/or materials needed for your Dual Enrollment courses, please contact your building principal to set up a time to retrieve those items. The rest of the items in lockers, books, instruments, etc. will have to wait for now. Don't worry, it's not going anywhere!

    More information will be coming in an all-call later.

    Thank you for your patience as we try to get information to you as quickly as possible!

    Homework Packets for Students To Stay Active Learners

    Elementary Packet
    Middle School Packet
    High School Packet

    Food Delivery Info

    Farwell is doing everything within our resources to help our families during this time of unprecedented school closure. Below is some information on our food distribution plan:

    Beginning on Tuesday, 3-17-2020, Farwell Area Schools will run a school bus food delivery program. These deliveries will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays for at least the next three weeks, and may be extended if needed. They will include multiple meals.

    Our buses will depart for their normal run beginning at 11:00 a.m. Your food delivery time will be approximately 5 hours later than your normal morning pick up time.

    One family member may pick up meals for all members of the family 18 and under. We will also include some educational resources with each delivery. We will also have links to educational resources loaded to our Facebook page and the district's website.

    We will still offer pick up at the Farwell Area Schools from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the JPAC 'Bubble' entrance.

    Anyone not wanting a food delivery can contact our transportation department at (989) 588-9111.


    2020 Census Info
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    Bond Planning Updates

    January Bond Planning Update
    February Bond Planning Update



    Schools of Choice - Second Semester 2019-2020 school year

    Farwell Area Schools is accepting Schools of Choice students who reside within Clare Gladwin Regional Education Service District (RESD) and contiguous intermediate school districts, with unlimited slots in grades kindergarten through second and fourth through twelfth for second semester 2019-2020.  Third grade students are not being accepted at this time.

    Transportation for these students is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

    Contact the school district for the application deadline and details about the enrollment process.



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