• Special Education

    Farwell Area Schools offers a continuum of programs and services for students who qualify for special education. Farwell has a full diagnostic staff that conducts student evaluations and provides support services to students, teachers, and parents. Parents are encouraged to first notify the child's teacher or building principal if they are having academic or behavioral concerns.

    Typically, requests for individual student evaluations are generated through the building-level Student Assistance Team (SAT) process when there is a question as to whether a student may have a disability that impedes or impacts the learning process. Parents may request a multi-disciplinary evaluation be completed if there is suspicion that their child may have a disability. For school or parent initiated referrals, signed parental permission is necessary, and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is conducted within 30 school days of initial consent. Farwell Area Schools adheres to state and federal policies and laws. 

    Click HERE for more information about Farwell Area School's procedures for determining a specific learning disability.


    Special Education