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Farwell Area Early College
Director Lynette Lentovich 
Early College Credits Earned  

Early College Grads  

First student graduates from the Farwell Early College program

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What is Early College?

It’s an opportunity for students to take advantage of earning up to a free college degree by enrolling into high school for an additional year. For the 5th year, students have the option to take their college courses on the college campus without having to attend the high school campus.

Who can enroll?

Any student living in the Farwell school district or any district that participates in school of choice.
(Beal City, Beaverton, Chippewa Hills, Clare, Coleman, Evart, Gladwin, Harrison, Marion, Mt. Pleasant)

Contact Lynette Lentovich at llentovich@farwellschools.net or call (989) 588.9913 to enroll today!