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    Attention SOPHOMORES

    If you are interested in signing up for Early College, please complete an application and return by March 16th. Applications can be found in the office, or on the school's webpage. If you or your parents are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss details of Early College, please contact call the office, 989-588-9913 to set up a meeting.

    Associates Degree at No Cost for High School Students ...

    Enroll at Farwell Area Early College

    Yes, the headline is correct! Farwell Area Schools has received approval from the State of Michigan to operate the Farwell Area Early College. What this means is any area high school student who enrolls in the Early College will develop a plan that will end with an associates degree or the equivalent after a fifth year of high school. This means that in four years of high school plus one additional year a student will graduate from high school with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree, and the beauty of it is if attending Farwell Schools the college credits and degree is paid in full by the school!

    This opportunity is open to any high school student in our area. Any local high school student or home-schooled student in grades 9 through 12 can apply for the Early College. Normally you must be an incoming 9, 10 or 11th grade student to enroll but since this is our first year, we can enroll next year seniors also.

    With the state of the economy and financial aid more difficult to access this is a perfect opportunity for families to find a way for all of their children to access college and earn a degree. Call Farwell Area Schools at (989) 588.9913 to find out more information or set an appointment to enroll in the Early College. No longer do you have to worry how to pay for the first two years of college or an entire college degree. Don’t delay and call today!

    Who can apply to the Early College?

    • Any student living in the Farwell school district or any district that participates in school of choice.
      (Beal City, Beaverton, Chippewa Hills, Clare, Coleman, Evart, Gladwin, Harrison, Marion, Mt. Pleasant)
    • The student who makes a commitment to enter the Early College which is a fifth year of high school

    • The commitment for a fifth year gives the opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and an associates degree by the end of the fifth year, thus the name“Early College”

    • Normally students commit to enter the Early College to begin in their 11th grade (advanced students can apply to begin their 10th grade year)

    What are the High School rules and requirements?

    • Students must meet the HS requirements the same as Farwell HS students
    • Early College students take on two additional requirements for graduation.

      • The additional requirement to complete 40 hours of job shadowing or 120 hours of community service is to be completed their fifth year.

      • Except for the job shadowing or community service, high school requirements and classes must be complete prior to the fifth year.

      • Commit to the fifth year as a high school student

    • Students in 11th & 12th grades are eligible to participate in all Farwell High School activities, athletics, and classes.

    • Students commit to the 5th year of high school as an Early College student

    What are the Early College rules & requirements?

    • Students commit when they enter the early college to the 5th year of high school

    • In 11th & 12th grade, students have a blended schedule of both high school and college classes. The college plan is individualized to each student’s own goals.

    • The fifth year is scheduled as a full time college student primarily at MMCC with the added requirement of job shadowing or community service.

    • Although the goal is for all students to earn an associate’s degree or an equivalent, the actual number of college credits earned is dependent on the student's schedule and is based on their individual plan.

    • 5th year students are not eligible for Farwell HS athletics sanctioned by MHSAA.

    Who pays for what?

    • The Early College is part of Farwell Area Schools (FAS). As a Farwell student, the school provides
      ◦ All tuition and are fees paid by FAS
      ◦ Books are paid for by FAS

      ◦ Transportation is provided from the Farwell campus to MMCC twice daily

    • FAS also provides mentors to assist students with the college courses at no cost. FAS assists families with all enrollment processes and serves as the transition service from high school to college.

    What if a student's career plans are for a four-year degree not an associate’s degree?

    • There is no requirement to be on a plan to earn an associate's degree. The goal of the early college is to provide the support, both financial and academic, for students to be successful in college. We also provide the guidance so each student develops a career plan. This plan could be a certificated program that does not end with an associate's degree, a program ending with an associate's degree, or a plan with a goal of a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree.

    • The student commits to being a full-time student during the fifth year of high school.

    When will a student graduate from high school?  When do they participate in graduation ceremonies?

    • The actual diploma is earned at the completion of the fifth year.

    • Students are encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony as a graduate after the fifth year both a high school graduate and potentially a graduate from MMCC.

    • If students are in good standing and have satisfied all HS requirement except for the job shadowing or community service, they would be permitted to march with “their class” as seniors. They would receive the diploma cover as all graduates do. They would not receive the actual diploma until the additional early college requirements are met.

    I don't live in the Farwell School District; can I still join the Early College?

    If you live in any district that participates in the current school of choice agreements with FAS, you can apply. This would include Beal City, Beaverton, Chippewa Hills, Clare, Coleman, Evart, Gladwin, Harrison, Marion, and Mt. Pleasant. If you reside in a district not listed, please contact us to see if an exception can be made.

    What is the catch? This seems too good to be true! How can Farwell Area Schools provide this opportunity?

    • Yes, it does seem too good to be true, but it isn't. FAS has been hard at work doing all the preliminary work, applying with the State of Michigan for special status and we were given this status.

    • FAS receives the additional state per pupil foundation allowance for students who attend that 5th year. This additional income from the State is what covers the added cost to the district for providing all tuition and books to attend MMCC for Early College students.

    • This is the ultimate WIN WIN scenario. FAS can provide a better education to our students. Students and their families are provided up to 64 credits free of charge, basically a full two-year scholarship!

      Call (989) 588.9913 to enroll today!