• Graduation Requirements
  • Seniors must satisfactorily complete the minimum number of units of credit for their class to be eligible for participation in graduation exercises and to receive a diploma. In addition, students are required to take all portion of the high school MEAP and Michigan State Tests in order to receive a diploma. It is mandated that students must be enrolled for all of twelve (12) trimesters of high school unless administrative approval is granted.
    Required Courses for Graduation:
    English 4.0 Credits
    Algebra I 1.0 Credits
    Algebra II 1.0 Credits
    Geometry 1.0 Credits
    Mathematics Elective (0.5 must be in senior year) 1.0 Credits
    World History & Geography 1.0 Credits
    US History & Geography 1.0 Credits
    Government/Civics 0.5 Credits
    Economics 0.5 Credits
    Biology I 1.0 Credits
    Chemistry or Physics 1.0 Credits
    Science Elective 1.0 Credits
    Health 0.5 Credits
    Physical Education Course 0.5 Credits
    Visual/Applied/Performing Arts 1.0 Credits
    Speech (FHS)/Careers (Alt.) 0.5 Credits
    Computer or Technology Course 0.5 Credits
    Total Required Courses: 18.0 Credits
    Total Electives Possible 12.5 Credits

    One-half credit is earned by the successful completion of one trimester of a course that meets approximately 74 minutes per day, five times a week or its equivalent. If a student failed a trimester of a required course, the student will repeat the course the next available time the course is offered. For those students who fall behind in credits, make-up credits can be obtained through summer school, Timberland, or another accredited program at the expense to the student. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the student to check with the office regarding the progress and completion of all graduation requirements. Each trimester, a current transcript will be posted to the student's portfolio for review.  For Seat-Time Waiver and Timberland senior students, a Level II Diploma may also be available after a required teacher-parent-administration meeting and with administrative approval. A Level II diploma may not allow a student into the armed forces or some colleges and universities and will not be permitted for any students until their 4th year of high school.