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    District Mission Statement:
    Together with family and community,
    Farwell Area Schools will educate all students in a supportive environment,
    engaging them in learning through a variety of challenging experiences
    to ensure success in an ever-changing world.

      Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessionals needed!
    For additional information, visit WillSub's website at: www.willsub.com


    The following requirements will be in effect as of the November 2019 reporting period:

    Required for all children entering kindergarten, all 7th grade students, and all children changing school districts:Two doses of varicella (Var) vaccine or history of chickenpox disease. Required for all children 11-18 years of age who are changing school districts or who are enrolled in 7th grade: One dose of meningococcal (MCV4 or MPSV4) vaccine, one dose of tetanus/diphtheria/acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine (if 5 years have passed since last dose of tetanus/diphtheria vaccine - DTaP, Td or DT).

    There are many resources available to you at www.MCIR.org or call the Region 5 MCIR Help Desk at 1-888-217-3904 or the State MCIR Help Desk at 888-243-6652. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to also call your local health department.

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    Drop Off and Parking Plans 2021

    A Letter From Our Superintendent Mr. Scoville
    August 19, 2021

    Dear Farwell Families:
    We understand that the beginning of the school year is an exciting, sometimes anxious time for students and families alike. We also know that students have grown accustomed to having an Open House before school starts to help transition from summer. Last year, due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to do any sort of Open House prior to school starting, and while it was new and different, students adjusted surprisingly well! Farwell is a small district, and as such, most of the staff know the students, and the students know the staff. We had staff posted at every entrance – teachers, administrators, secretaries, paraprofessionals, custodians, kitchen staff, and bus drivers were all available to help students find their classes. And it worked very well!
    This year, because of the construction, we are not able to open our buildings to the public before the first day of school. Construction crews, custodians, and maintenance personnel have all worked REALLY hard this summer to meet the deadline of August 30th so we can have students here. We don’t want to delay the start of school, because that could delay our end until the middle of June!
    Skyward Family Access will be available in the next couple days for students and families to log in and find their class schedules and locker assignments. It will be helpful for Middle and High School students to have this information before school starts, but if they don’t have access to a printer, that’s ok – we will help them get it on the first day. School supply lists are available on the school website by grade for elementary and middle school. High school teachers will let the students know what they need on the first day when they go over the syllabus for each class.
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the building offices before the first day and we’ll help you in any way we can. If you need help getting into Skyward Family Access, we can help with that, too.
    Construction is messy, but it will be worth it once it is finished – our safer, brighter, more secure buildings and classrooms will benefit kids for years to come. As soon as things are wrapped up, we are hoping to have a community open house so everyone can come in and see what has been done. Just wait until you see all the upgrades!
    Steve Scoville

    US News Ranks Farwell Top High School
    Best High Schools Farwell High School was ranked as the top high school in the Clare-Gladwin RESD according to the U.S. News rankings. These rankings include data on nearly 24,000 public high schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia. The top-ranked schools have a high rate of students who scored above expectations in math and reading state assessments, passed an array of college-level exams, and graduated in four years. Schools are ranked nationally and within each state.

    Schools of choice applications for 2021-2022 school year

    Under the Schools of Choice legislation (Section 105 and Section 105(c) of the School Aid Act), kindergarten through twelfth grade students residing within Clare Gladwin Regional Education Service District (RESD) and contiguous intermediate school districts, may apply to Farwell Area Schools for enrollment for the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year.  Application may be made for all grades (K-12) with unlimited openings.

    Transportation for these students is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

    Application must be made to the school district no later than the end of the first week of school. 

    Wi-Fi Access

    The Farwell Area Schools has wi-fi access available from the parking lots  Please practice appropriate social distancing while using it. 

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